Mission to Become a Master Cicerone® Scholarship Program


screenshot As one of the leading craft beer producers, North American Breweries not only has one of the most highly skilled sales teams, but also one of the most educated. In January 2012, North American Breweries launched NABrewniversity, its Learning and Development Department. NABrewniversity includes a world class online Learning Management System that houses approximately 70 different eLearning courses, screenshot quizzes, and hundreds of hours’ worth of content. The educational material on the site focuses on beer, brewing, and NAB’s 5 Selling Competencies (“5 Ps”): Planning, Performance, PDCA, Process, and Presentation.

NABrewniversity and its Learning Management System are available to NAB employees, wholesalers, and retail partners. New members are given access daily with the intent of furthering their beer knowledge so they can provide the best possible, highest quality service to their customers. For more information about NABrewniversity, contact Katie Diederich at