Mission to Become a Master Cicerone® Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program Curriculum

The Mission to Become a Master Cicerone® Scholarship Program was designed to give participants a variety of unique experiences in order to prepare them for the Master Cicerone® exam. The curriculum includes multiple trips to Europe to learn about and sample traditional beer styles in countries such as Germany, Belgium, England, and Ireland. During these trips, participants will have the opportunity to experience Europe’s rich beer culture in some of the most famous breweries in the world.

Participants will also master the art of the brewing process by attending classes at The Master Brewers Association of the Americas at the University of Wisconsin and the Siebel Institute of Technology. They will then have the chance to apply their knowledge by working in one of NAB’s famous craft breweries as well as create a recipe for, and then actually brew, a completely new NAB beer. Participants will also spend time in one of NAB’s celebrated Pyramid Alehouses, learning the art of properly serving beer and the complex components of how a draft system operates.

Additional highlights of this scholarship program include spending time at one of the world’s leading hop farms and attending a brief rotation in a culinary environment to better understand the science of cooking and how to relate it to pairing beer with food.

European Beer Tour

screenshot Participants will spend two separate weeks traveling through different parts of Europe with historical significance to beer. Points of interest include:

• Munich, Germany
• Brussels, Belgium
• London, England
• Dublin, Ireland

Historic beer-related landmarks will be visited with educational courses with sister beer stewardship programs. First-hand style tasting will also be a major topic for the trip.

screenshot European Beer Academy

While in London on the European Beer Tour, participants will attend the Institute of Brewing & Distilling’s Beer Academy.

The Beer Academy is an educational body dedicated to helping people understand,screenshot appreciate and enjoy beer sensibly. Founded in 2003 by a small group of beer enthusiasts, it quickly attracted support from brewers, beer retailers, trade associations and consumer groups, which enabled the Academy to put together a series of courses andscreenshot training materials delivered by a group of experienced and knowledgeable proctors with a real passion for beer.

Participants will attend the Two Day Advanced Course offered by the Beer Academy. The Advanced Course is an in-depth
screenshotsession focused on examining a wide variety of beer styles, beer and food matching, beer presentation, beer and lifestyle, and the beer market. This will equip students with the skills to communicate knowledgeably about beer with customers and consumers and will enhance their professional status in the beer sector.

Brewmaster in Training

screenshot Participants will spend approximately one week working on the floor of an NAB brewery. They will be exposed to each part of the brewing process—from milling to lautering to fermenting and beyond. The participants will brew different types of beers—ales and lagers, specialty ales, and mass produced beers. They will have the opportunity to work on packaging, too. This experience will solidify the brewing process and also give the participant insight into operations at large-scale commercial breweries. screenshot

Beer Service

To help better understand the service side of the beer industry, participants will spend time in the Pacific Northwest, in the heart of the craft beer industry, at a Pyramid Alehouse. Pyramid was screenshotone of the first craft breweries in the country and operates four alehouses, which allow consumers to connect with the iconic Pyramid brand and gives them a first-hand look into the world of craft beer. Pyramid is known for producing high quality, wheat beers, which have won numerous medals at the Great American Beer Festival.

During their time at a Pyramid Alehouse, participants will gain experience serving and storing beer, tapping kegs, and draft cleaning and maintenance. The service side of the industry is important, since it is in this realm that customers interact with the brews.

Educating the Public
Each participant will be required to organize a Beer Education event at one of Pyramid's Alehouses.

The Beer Education event will be open to the public, including amateurs and experts alike. The participant will conduct a style-stein-type session, sampling several beers of intended styles, and educating consumers on key style specifications.

Hop Farming & Education

screenshotIn the essence of creating a hands-on experience for all participants, one rotation in the scholarship program will require students to spend time at a hop farm. Experience cultivating, drying, bailing, and a full understanding of how hops grow and affect beer will be gained by the end of the rotation. Additionally, participants will enroll in a number of educational workshops specific to hops and their history, production, processing, and more. screenshot


In addition to water, hops, and yeast, malt plays a major role in beer. Specifically,
screenshot it influences the beer’s flavor profile, aroma, alcohol content, color, and body.

There are hundreds of different varieties of malt—all of which are dependent on how the barley base was stewed and dried by the maltster. This rotation will provide participants with the opportunity to convert screenshotbarley into malt, and how variations in the malting process can lead to large variances in the color, taste, aroma, and mouthfeel of a beer.

Siebel Institute of Technology

Participants will take in-person and online courses developed for those wishing to take their brewing screenshotknowledge to another level. Course topics range from Packaging and Process Technology, Sensory Evaluation, Beer Styles, Draught Systems, Beer & Food, Microbiology of Brewing, and Home-brewing.

screenshot The Siebel Institute has been serving the needs of professional brewers for over 140 years, and has a presence in North America and worldwide.

MBAA – University of Wisconsin

The Master Brewers Association of the Americas at the University of Wisconsin offers particpants the opportunity to learn about brewing and malting from industry experts. It is a two-week course covering more than 25 topics related to the technical sideUniversity of Wisconsin screenshot offers participants the opportunity to learn about brewing and malting from industry experts. of brewing and ingredient preparation. Major topics of interest include Brewing Case Studies, Dry Hopping Techniques, Fermentation Practices, Malting Operations, Brewery Troubleshooting, and Recipe Formulation.

screenshot Culinary Education

Properly pairing beer with food enhances the consumer’s experience and leads to
screenshot increased enjoyment of both the beer and the food. Participants will attend a brief rotation in a culinary environment to better understand the science of cooking and how to relate it to pairing beer with food.

New Brew

screenshotOne of the final components of the Scholarship Program will be to create a recipe for, and then actually brew, a completely new NAB beer. The beer will be featured in a small batch at one of the North American Breweries Alehouses, and will be sold to the public. Each individual participant will work with the brewing team at the Pilot Brewery in Rochester, NY to create and brew the beer.